Software Development

MEPROTEC offers support in the development and maintenance of your software solutions in the areas of Microsoft Azure Cloud, C #, ASP.Net, JS, WPF ... We support you with programming, cloud migration, data transmission and archiving as well as the creation of efficient online calculations. 

In addition to in-depth knowledge in the areas of Microsoft Azure Cloud and software development, our team also has many years of practical knowledge from the operation, maintenance and optimization of complex production systems. Based on the broad spectrum of experience and the production know-how of our employees, we can offer complete solutions from the technical problem to the tested software solution!

Planning the architecture, programming tailor-made software to your needs as well as implementing said software into your environment, Meprotec assists you on your way. Whether you are looking for an on-premise or cloud solution. Of course, we also offer technical and economical advice concerning the difference between all possible options.

Automation of workflows and business processes

Turn repetitive tasks into multistep workflows. Email handling, automatic calculations and analysis of data, or monitoring social media channels, solutions can be created quickly and easily using the right tools.

Data from a wide variety of sources (KPI's, plant data, information from social media ...) can be visualized and analyzed in real time. With company-wide provision of dashboards and reports, information is available anytime and anywhere.

By using available IoT and app solutions, applications can be implemented cost-effectively and securely. Examples: product configurators, automated proposal preparation, predictive maintenance, mobile visualizations of plant data, etc.

From the standardization of simple Excel calculations to complex data analysis and machine learning functions, solutions can be customized or provided as easy-to-use self-service applications.

Automated workflows allow requests to be processed quickly. Examples: automation of test processes, maintenance orders, work orders, approval processes, customer inquiries, etc.

By using modern tools and technologies, such solutions can be implemented very quickly and inexpensively. We are at your disposal as a reliable partner regardless of whether you need an automated calculation in Excel, archive data centrally or plan large-scale projects for the implementation of specific software solutions.


Microsoft Azure

C# (ASP.NET, WPF), NodeJS (Angular, IONIC), Docker

SQL (MS SQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL), Oracle DB,  NoSQL (MongoDB, CosmosDB), Azure Blob-Storage, Azure Data Lake

SignalR, REST, MQTT, Datamigration to the MICROSOFT Azure Cloud

Machine Learning:  ML.NET, Azure Machine Learning, Python

AI: Cognitive Services, Azure Search

Complete solutions

Analyzing the technical problem

Technical project management

Realization of the software concept

Realization of the software and production support in the company



Cloud computing means the provisioning of IT-resources via the Internet or in a private cloud. Necessary server infrastructure is supplied by cloud providers. Therefore capital expense of buying hardware components are eliminated and depending on the implementation version maintenance may not be needed either. Additionally data is available worldwide if desired, solutions can be scaled horizontally and vertically and Geo-Redundancy is readily available.

Our specialization is the development and migration of software components for the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Microsoft Azure Cloud convinces with very high security standards and wide range of innovative services. Usually cloud solutions will also beat on-premise solutions on total cost.

With our "HFsmart" optimization software, we have combined future technologies such as cloud computing, serverless computing and machine learning with metallurgical calculations and successfully implemented them in the automotive industry. Thanks to the experience gained from the industrial use of our product since the beginning of 2017, we can implement industry-standard, cost-effective and tested technologies in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

If individual services cannot or should not be implemented in the cloud, we can also help our customers in developing projects with hybrid solutions using Azure Edge (IOT) or Azure Stack (Hybrid-Cloud).

Additionally we offer to migrate existing on-premise solutions to the cloud (in collaboration with our customers).

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence and enables the creation of systems that can learn from data, recognize patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Appropriate tools for data analysis and modeling are already available in numerous variants. For simpler applications, these are relatively easy to use and well documented. In many industries, these tools are already state of the art. Large-scale use is also expected in the area of industrial production in the next few years.

Thanks to our experience in the field of production, our solutions are based on existing models and technical knowledge of the operators. In order to reduce downtime and prevent errors, we use machine learning for predictive maintenance and the creation of various calculation models.

Possible Machine-Learning Applications

By selecting the right technologies and taking modern software architecture concepts into account, very cost-effective, highly flexible and future-proof solutions can be implemented.

  • Analysis of BigData
  • Anomaly detection
  • Automated evaluation and monitoring of time series data
  • Classification of data, images or text
  • Automatic analysis of influencing variables and sources of error
  • Extensions of existing models and calculations. e.g. Excel spreadsheets
  • Text recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Language translation
  • Image and video analysis
  • Machine vision
  • Intelligent search
  • Chatbots

Even complex tasks such as speech recognition, machine vision or image and video analysis can be implemented in your business applications by using cognitive services!

For instance, in the product Meprotec HFsmart machine learning is used to predict material properties even during production. The continuous growth of the data set enables us to constantly improve and adapt our ML models, which are used for the algorithms.

The implemented model management enables seamless tracking and, if necessary, the restoration or recalculation of historical models and data.

IoT & Industry 4.0

IoT creates opportunities to connect various devices, systems, services and users to each other via data networks.

In the area of data acquisition and data storage, an increasing amount of information is available to be used for visualizing, monitoring and controlling processes. IoT is a future-oriented technology that has already been well received by companies all over the world.

IoT makes it possible to connect a production system to the digital world and store large amounts of data.

One such digital twin is realized with the product Meprotec HFsmart, in which sensor data from a production environment are collected and saved to a database in the Azure cloud. This data is used to visualize the currently running production and physical calculations help optimizing the system. Furthermore, the data is evaluated and analyzed using machine learning models. This makes it possible to predict system parameters, prevent downtime and maximize maintenance intervalls.